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Cat photo op

Posted on: September 20, 2008

This is Remus. He is my personal kitty. WE have 4 cats, 2 of them are kittens and this is my favorite. He was  left behind our local chamber of commerce with his brothers, all taped in a box with no holes in it. I foster kittens for our local Friends of Felines and this is one I decided to keep.

This is Remus and Razzle doing their normal thing. Even as I type there is a mini gray tornado in my house.

And if you are not bored enough yet here are some more pictures of my kittys

This is Minerva who is a bathroom cat. She loves to watch the toilet flush. Baths are good for her too!

Minerva will not have anything to do with the kittens but Ike has soften a bit

7 Responses to "Cat photo op"

Very cute Kitties! They could never be boring 🙂

Oh I love all the kitten pics!

Oh! So cute!! I want a kitten now.

Great pictures… and is that your leg? It takes a great picture too.

As the mommy to four felines, two kittens included, I know how your house feels. Thank you for sharing them with us!

And, I’m with Aunt Kathy, the leg deserves special mention 😉

I am impressed with my legs as well. I mean not everyone has white legs with scars from their tomboy childhood.

I love the way Remus’ green eyes slant up. He looks like he could get into a lot of trouble! LOL!

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