Addicted to Knitting

I am doing really well on the mittens. I wish I would have knit them in the round. It seems like that would have been much smarter but then I wouldn’t be following the vintage pattern. I found some  great sites for duplicate knitting. and am rather excited about this. The possibilites are great. A simple hat knit in the round with a design on the front?

I am soposed to be shampooing the carpet at this moment. Shampooer isn’t working correctly so dh is fixing it. I love how if I have trouble my dh is right there to rescue me.  He now has it fixed so I have to go. I did want to mention I found Jasper’s old mitten I knit for him. One pair last year and one the year before. My knitting has improved so much. Especially the ribbing. I am gearing up to start dh’s sweater. I can do this right? The ribbing is what always gets me. The pattern is in the round and once it’s established-no problem right?

Gotta go…shampoo…..uggggh!

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Yay! Looking forward to seeing the mittens!!!

The mittens are going to be so cute with that cute little car on them! You can do it!! (Both the mittens and the carpet).

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