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mittens, mittens, who’s got mittens?

Posted on: October 2, 2008

Someone other than me……

They started out so well.

I have ripped and reknit the one mitten several times. My guage is close. But the mittens run small… and so I will have to start over from the beginning….sigh

compare to the ones I made 2 years ago

I redo the mittens in the round. I know one thing. I knit ribbing much better on single points. I wonder why that is.  Oh I know…I need practice! I am going to rest the mittens a few days and resume. Meanwhile I need something simple. I think I will make a swiffer cover. OOoooh so exciting. I hope Tammy is not reading this. If you are, Tammy I promise I won’t make one for my dog!

1 Response to "mittens, mittens, who’s got mittens?"

I love the colors! Keep at it and you will be rewarded with beautiful mittens.

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