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I realize I lost alot of drop in readers since moving so I decided to post here.

My new address is

I hope you will visit me there!

I decided to move over to blogger. I want to head a new direction with this and it not all knitting related. Most of it will be about how He is changing my heart. Therefore I am starting anew. If you are interested head on over. Hope to see you there!

my new blog address is not longer posted here due to a snoopy daughter trying to ruin Christmas. If you are really interested in finding me please email me rannells at g mail and I will send you a link……..

RACHEY please don’t ruin Christmas by searching for my new blog. Enjoy a surprise for a change. .

Someone other than me……

They started out so well.

I have ripped and reknit the one mitten several times. My guage is close. But the mittens run small… and so I will have to start over from the beginning….sigh

compare to the ones I made 2 years ago

I redo the mittens in the round. I know one thing. I knit ribbing much better on single points. I wonder why that is.  Oh I know…I need practice! I am going to rest the mittens a few days and resume. Meanwhile I need something simple. I think I will make a swiffer cover. OOoooh so exciting. I hope Tammy is not reading this. If you are, Tammy I promise I won’t make one for my dog!

I am doing really well on the mittens. I wish I would have knit them in the round. It seems like that would have been much smarter but then I wouldn’t be following the vintage pattern. I found some  great sites for duplicate knitting. and am rather excited about this. The possibilites are great. A simple hat knit in the round with a design on the front?

I am soposed to be shampooing the carpet at this moment. Shampooer isn’t working correctly so dh is fixing it. I love how if I have trouble my dh is right there to rescue me.  He now has it fixed so I have to go. I did want to mention I found Jasper’s old mitten I knit for him. One pair last year and one the year before. My knitting has improved so much. Especially the ribbing. I am gearing up to start dh’s sweater. I can do this right? The ribbing is what always gets me. The pattern is in the round and once it’s established-no problem right?

Gotta go…shampoo…..uggggh!

Wow is life ever busy! It seems like I can’t catch my breath at times. Other times it’s like the clock stopped. I hope to get organized with school, home and work soon. It was my 2nd FP meeting yesterday. I actually lost a little weight- wonders never cease since I didn’t do well on eating or excercisiing. I also got measured and get to figure my BMI. That was an uncomfortable thought. Cat,who did the measuring, was so kind and kept telling me it was a new way to get hugged as she wrapped her arms around me to measure my waist. All in all it was good. Last week DJ was praying for me and she must have done a good job. It’s one of the best things about this program. This week I am praying for someone who’s request could’ve been written by me. Apparently the enemy is hitting her with the same lie as he hits me with. Can’t say more due to confidentiality.Here is a link to First place if you are interested….

I met a lady who is learning to knit. I am so excited. She knits a little but not much and someone started her on socks. You can imagine my reaction (I kept it to myself) Man am I glad I didn’t start with socks. I wouldn’t be knitting today. I mean I can knit socks, they are not that difficult it’s just not my thing.

I am still working on the mittens for the library. I have a large collection of “vintage” knitting booklets that will be displayed next month. I am making some mittens out of one of them to go in the display. I found some cute ones with a car on them. The car is done in duplicate stitch, which makes no sense to me so I tried to change it to intsarsia. My yarn was to tight behind the car and it was all bunch, plus I lost myself somehow so I ripped that all out. I am not sure what to do. I really would like to do intarsia rather than duplicate stitch. My background yarn is dark blue, the car is red and white and to me it seems like it won’t cover the dark well. Perhaps that is why the original was a gray background. Any ideas? Has anyone done duplicate stitch? I am frustrated. Plus the stupid things are done on 2 needles rather than in the round. sigh…

I am stringing beads for the hat I mentioned a couple of posts ago. The beads I bought look fab but…they are not very evenly sized and many won’t go on the yarn. Time to investigate a different way of stringing them eh? Then my dd who I wasgoing to make the hat for glances throught the book and says she likes the scarf much better than the hat. “it’s to high on the head and it doesn’t cover the ears” okey dokey. She is 14 and you know what that means. If I make it she won’t wear it unless it’s modified! Any ideas on modification?

this is for the hat!

And finally here is my dog Roxi. She is 14 and has terrible arthritis. Being in Wy and having very cold winters we are considering putting her to sleep. Last winter she was barely able to go up and down the stairs. She has been a great dog and will be impossible to replace.


This is Remus. He is my personal kitty. WE have 4 cats, 2 of them are kittens and this is my favorite. He was  left behind our local chamber of commerce with his brothers, all taped in a box with no holes in it. I foster kittens for our local Friends of Felines and this is one I decided to keep.

This is Remus and Razzle doing their normal thing. Even as I type there is a mini gray tornado in my house.

And if you are not bored enough yet here are some more pictures of my kittys

This is Minerva who is a bathroom cat. She loves to watch the toilet flush. Baths are good for her too!

Minerva will not have anything to do with the kittens but Ike has soften a bit

We didn’t have an official weigh in. Not till next meeting but I weighed myself anyway. Not a nice number.     Here are some pictures my dd took of me.

I am posting these to remind myself of what I look like. I have a tshirt my daughter bought me that is too small and some jeans that are also so small. I am using them for my first goal.

Here is the members kit….

And for some knitting… is one of my next projects. The hat not the scarf……

Today I am beginning a new way of life. I am sick of being fat. Yes fat! I am classified as being grossly morbidly obese. Not a pretty sound. I am off to start First Place for health! Will tell you all about it later!

I can’t believe how fast this week flew by. Even being sick didn’t slow it down. Monday I went to class and was fine. Took apart a computer completely (with a partner) and put it back together. It booted so that was great. After class I went by a thrift store ( one of my weaknesses) and found some great old hats! I would show you the photos I took of them but…it seems darling daughter of mine borrowed my camera for the retreat she went on this weekend. When I was in this store I started sneezing. I thought it was because of something in the store. By evening I was worse. Tuesday I had to take dd to the ortho and was much worse afterward. Wens. I stayed home and knit all day. I made a darling hat for my son. Its the half pipe by Deb Stoller. Again a photo will be forthcoming when I can do it. It looks so cute on my son and it was a fun knit. I was a bit leary about 5 inches of ribbing but it went well. I used some Elann Chunky  in Lichen. I like this yarn alot. DS thinks its itchy but I think it won’t be when its cold outside.

I am working on a snowball for dd. she lost the one I made last year. This one is in mulled wine (mauve) I wanted to get it done while she is gone. Its hard to do Christmas knitting with her around. She is very observant you know. While I was looking at the pattern  I kept seeing the add for the square knitting needles from Kollage. It got me curious and I checked out their site. They have some interesting stuff. Did you  know there is yarn made out of milk? This is puzzling to me and I will most likely have it on my mind all day.  I put a link in so that you to can puzzle over this.

Dh starts vacation today. It’s a working vacation as he is putting a roof on my parents house. (not alone, my brothers and one BIL will be helping.) I am looking forward to having some time with him. I am going to get a sitter and take him on a date tonight! Sound like a plan?

Have a great weekend!

The weekend certainly flew right by me! I spent a good deal of my time cleaning. I wiped down all my walls with the swiffer. what a tool! I am trying to get organized and that is not easy. I have let things go for to long. I am thankful for my cleaning job that showed me just how much  I need to clean my own house.

I finished and felted that bag… didn’t turn out. Started another, re arranged yarn in my stash and looked at swiffer patterns. That’s it for the knitting front, oh yeah I did cast on that hat for my daughter and get her started.

Now for some brutal honesty. I have a bad temper sometimes. A month or so ago was that last big meltdown. I threw a glass and broke it. I am still finding tiny bits of glass on an almost daily basis. No matter how often I sweep and mop, there is another to remind me that I don’t need to act like that. There is a better way to handle and anger and that if I would give up some control issues I wouldn’t be so angry. Funny thing is, no one else has said a thing about finding glass on the floor. And they would if they did! So I am responsible for my own mess.

This also got me to thinking about a book I read called “Safely Home” by Randy Alcorn. (Anyone ever read any of his? if not I HIGHLY recommend all of his) The main character in the story, an American, is in an underground church in China when one of the speakers gave this illistration. He broke a glass and then stomped on it and kept stomping on it untill it was in bits all over the room. The glass represents Christianity and the breaking it represents the Chinese government that is trying to destroy it. the more it works to “stomp” it out, the more it spreads. Its hard for me to imagine waking in the middle of the night to sneak to a church somewhere and risk my life for it. I think in some ways we have it to easy here in America. We assume because our country was founded on God that we will always be free to worship Him openly.  What do you think?

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