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Today I am beginning a new way of life. I am sick of being fat. Yes fat! I am classified as being grossly morbidly obese. Not a pretty sound. I am off to start First Place for health! Will tell you all about it later!


I can’t believe how fast this week flew by. Even being sick didn’t slow it down. Monday I went to class and was fine. Took apart a computer completely (with a partner) and put it back together. It booted so that was great. After class I went by a thrift store ( one of my weaknesses) and found some great old hats! I would show you the photos I took of them but…it seems darling daughter of mine borrowed my camera for the retreat she went on this weekend. When I was in this store I started sneezing. I thought it was because of something in the store. By evening I was worse. Tuesday I had to take dd to the ortho and was much worse afterward. Wens. I stayed home and knit all day. I made a darling hat for my son. Its the half pipe by Deb Stoller. Again a photo will be forthcoming when I can do it. It looks so cute on my son and it was a fun knit. I was a bit leary about 5 inches of ribbing but it went well. I used some Elann Chunky  in Lichen. I like this yarn alot. DS thinks its itchy but I think it won’t be when its cold outside.

I am working on a snowball for dd. she lost the one I made last year. This one is in mulled wine (mauve) I wanted to get it done while she is gone. Its hard to do Christmas knitting with her around. She is very observant you know. While I was looking at the pattern  I kept seeing the add for the square knitting needles from Kollage. It got me curious and I checked out their site. They have some interesting stuff. Did you  know there is yarn made out of milk? This is puzzling to me and I will most likely have it on my mind all day.  I put a link in so that you to can puzzle over this.

Dh starts vacation today. It’s a working vacation as he is putting a roof on my parents house. (not alone, my brothers and one BIL will be helping.) I am looking forward to having some time with him. I am going to get a sitter and take him on a date tonight! Sound like a plan?

Have a great weekend!

The weekend certainly flew right by me! I spent a good deal of my time cleaning. I wiped down all my walls with the swiffer. what a tool! I am trying to get organized and that is not easy. I have let things go for to long. I am thankful for my cleaning job that showed me just how much  I need to clean my own house.

I finished and felted that bag… didn’t turn out. Started another, re arranged yarn in my stash and looked at swiffer patterns. That’s it for the knitting front, oh yeah I did cast on that hat for my daughter and get her started.

Now for some brutal honesty. I have a bad temper sometimes. A month or so ago was that last big meltdown. I threw a glass and broke it. I am still finding tiny bits of glass on an almost daily basis. No matter how often I sweep and mop, there is another to remind me that I don’t need to act like that. There is a better way to handle and anger and that if I would give up some control issues I wouldn’t be so angry. Funny thing is, no one else has said a thing about finding glass on the floor. And they would if they did! So I am responsible for my own mess.

This also got me to thinking about a book I read called “Safely Home” by Randy Alcorn. (Anyone ever read any of his? if not I HIGHLY recommend all of his) The main character in the story, an American, is in an underground church in China when one of the speakers gave this illistration. He broke a glass and then stomped on it and kept stomping on it untill it was in bits all over the room. The glass represents Christianity and the breaking it represents the Chinese government that is trying to destroy it. the more it works to “stomp” it out, the more it spreads. Its hard for me to imagine waking in the middle of the night to sneak to a church somewhere and risk my life for it. I think in some ways we have it to easy here in America. We assume because our country was founded on God that we will always be free to worship Him openly.  What do you think?

The title tells it all when knitting progress is measured in my house. I am still in a slump. I knit a triangle shawl out of some Homespun by lion brand which was a bit of a time waster. I have 6 more skiens of this in my stash and was planning to knit it all into shawls for elderly but not sure now. If only COC would do it. she has the ability and it would keep her busy watching tv but I doubt that will happen. I am thinking seriously about sending it to here.  Its for a great cause.

I am still working on the bag. Seems to be taking forever. Hopefully this weekend will end that. I also have to help COC get started and finish this…its a gift for her friend’s

I've been stuck in this pose forever!

birthday. she hasn’t knit all summer so it may not go fast at first. I am always willing to help her when she wants to knit.

Computer class went well. The teacher is nice and easy to follow. She is the only other female in the class, also the only other person over 25. That was a bit interesting. A class of computer geeks and me! Monday we are taking apart a computer and putting it back together. should be really awesome!

I am off on another road trip today. I want to get some cleaning convenience supplies. I started cleaning a house for a lady here in town. She has all these cool tools. Some of which I have to have. Including a swiffer sweeper, a swiffer duster, a mr clean magic reach and some clorox wipes. I normally don’t spend on more expensive cleaning supplies but having used hers and recognized the time saving involved, I gotta have em. You know time is knitting!

My husband has admitted his part (irrisponsibility) and forgiven me. It is still a major blow, he used it to sing at the nursing homes and such.

I am knittin away on my bargain yarn. I am making my other sister a purse. She prefers wide and shallow and I found a pattern, cast on and worked for days, ripped out and started over. It was going to be to wide even after felting. I am 2 inches away from the end. Here’s what I did…cast on 60 st size 11 needles, worked 42 rows in garter, picked up all the stitches and away I went. Rows do take a while with that many stitches but it is coming along.

I am starting my computer class today. I had 2 chapters to read and I like it even though it will be extremely challenging. Will be awesome to be able to fix computers! I will go to Cody first, shop, pick up my oldest son and then head to class. Makes me be gone all day long! I am grateful I found a nice girl to watch my youngest. She is 19 and loves kids, she will play and interact with him! YAY!

Thank you all for your comments! It helped me to be reminded not to beat myself up. Which I was doing!

I am still looking for 2 people to pay it forward!

I don’t know how to explain this but I really blew it! A while back I took a bunch of stuff to the thriftstore. I was so proud of myself, I had several boxes and a few bags of stuff that was no longer needed. You may remember this day, the day I found the bargain on yarn? Yep that’s the day alright. I unloaded all the stuff from the back of the van and unknowingly unloaded my husbands sound mixer.  It doesn’t seem to matter that he left it in the van for 7 days when he never leaves it there. I called the thrift store and they sold it. I am so depressed about this!

This is an old  movie but a good one! Darcy is starting her own Pay it forward.  I decided to play along. I really love this movie. I bought it to watch almost 7 years ago on my “date” with Jimbob. We started the evening by attending a pre Thanksgiving choir concert that he was singing in. I am not particularly fond of Choir music but managed to finagle a date with him to it.( Long story but it was worth it. HEY I married him didn’t I?) We planned to watch the movie together afterward but ended up  talking and talking and talking and (sigh) I fell in love. Later after we were married we finally watched the movie ( I watched it alone before this) and cried.  The character of Arlene was someone I could relate to a little to well because of my past experiences with drinking and AA. If you have seen the movie you know you love Haley Joel Osment’s portrayal of Trevor. If you haven’t seen the movie I encourage everyone to see it. I am going to re watch it myself!

This is what the PIF Exchange is all about. I’ll send a gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange! I don’t know what that gift will be yet, and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week…LOL… but you will receive it within 365 days, that’s a promise! The only thing you have to do in return is then ‘pay it forward’ by doing the same on your own blog.Can you imagine how big this could get?

So do I have any takers?  If you are reading this and there are already 3 comments please visit one of the commenties to find a spot in this awesome exchange.

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